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Amazing solution, integrated processes, very user friendly, very affordable. It is the best solution for your School, Institute

With Mobile App Features
Single app for Teachers, Students & Parents

Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated school mobile app in your institution’s name.

Smart Training ERP System provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. The various modules available facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies.

Unlimited Students

You can add students admission as much as you can without any limitation or additional cost.

Unlimited Users

Smart Training ERP license is per institute not per user. So all your teachers, admins, students and parents can log in without any additional licenses or fees.

Unlimited Courses & Batches

Feel free to add all the courses you have or may have in the future. You have no limit on courses, categories, and batches.


WHY Smart Training ERP™

more than 10 reasons to choose us

  • User Friendly

    It's easy to work on our ERP without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working a computer.

  • Web Based

    You do not have to install anything on your computer, you can use it in your favorite browser.

  • Use in any school or college

    For any kind of educational institution - schools, universities, colleges or training centers which needs to manage students, teachers and resources.

  • Affordable pricing

    Smart ERP offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any ERP software in the education sector. Any size of schools can easily afford it.

  • Language support

    We offer the interface with 20 languages that make users can switch to their favorite language easily.

Complete Solution

12 Modules covers all your needs.

  • Courses and Batches

    Configure and manage multiple courses and batches according to your institution’s systems and process.

  • Timetables

    Create clear and error free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across your institution.

  • Student Admission

    Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized admission forms and help welcome applicants that are the best fit for your institution.

  • Student Attendance

    Mark and track student attendance quickly to enable teachers to focus on the lesson at hand.

  • Examination

    From supporting grading systems such as ICSE, CCE, CWA, and GPA to generating various student examinations reports, schedule and manage examinations effortlessly to fit the needs of your institution.

  • Certificate Generation

    Create certificate templates for students or employees with the Rich Text Editor. Use field codes to add the system data as well as custom data in the certificate.



  • Human Resources

    Record and organize all employee details enabling quick access to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll and leave.

  • Finance

    Secure, comprehensive, and robust—the Finance module provides a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, automate transactions, and generate financial reports.

  • News Management

    Spread the news and keep all your employees and students engaged by bringing the latest happenings on campus right to their dashboards and mobile phones.

  • Event Calendar

    Inform, and be informed of events happening on and off campus by glancing at your color coded calendar.

  • User Management

    Four user roles—Administrator, Employee, Student, and Parent—that determine what the user can and cannot do within your school ERP.

  • Report Center

    Generate various reports on your students, employees, courses, and fee schedules.

We Have More

11 Additional Modules make you carefree

  • Assignment

    Distribute and manage homework/assignments with defined due dates, subject notes, and resources to your students instantly.

  • Transport

    Manage and optimize your entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students to and from school. You can maintain vehicle and routing details, collect transportation fees, and track the number of students using school transport.

  • Hostel

    Efficiently manage all your hostels and residential facilities in the institution. Allocate rooms to students, collect and track hostel fees, and generate comprehensive reports that will help keep you on top of all important hostel administrative activities.

  • Inventory

    Manage your institution’s inventory more efficiently and make sure the items are properly utilized. You can record and maintain item and supplier details, raise indents and purchase orders, as well as create invoices and goods received notes.

  • Library

    Integrated with barcode scanning functionality, you can now efficiently manage and track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloguing of books to maintaining records of books issued and overdue, and a lot more.



  • ID Card Generation

    Create an ID card template or customize the existing template according to your institute requirements.

  • Discussion Forum

    Enable students, teachers, and other employees to collaborate, interact, and exchange information and ideas.

  • SMS integration

    Communicate with students, parents, and employees on a more personal level by sending SMS text messages right to their mobile phones from your ERP system.

  • Task Management

    Assign and track tasks assigned to an individual student or employee, or to a group. The Task module helps promote collaboration and enables commenting and comment moderation.

  • Discipline

    Record and track disciplinary incidents to ensure that students are held accountable for their actions.

  • Poll

    Take a poll to engage your students and employees or to make an informed decision.

Still Need More?

9 Integration and Automation Modules

  • Online Registration

    Online course registration saves hundreds of hours of data entry, improves employee efficiency, and helps tracking applicants.

  • Online Exam

    Replace the traditional paper assessment by creating customized computer-based testing from anywhere.

  • Online Payment Gateway

    Make secure online fee payments using Paypal.

  • Custom Import

    Make it quick and save yourself much time and effort performing common data entry tasks.

  • External Apps

    Run and access any third party application within your ERP without opening the application in a separate tab.



  • Tally Integration

    Easily transfer all the finance transactions from Smart training ERP to Tally and manage your financial transactions.

  • Email Integration

    Customize your email settings to communicate more efficiently with employees, students, and parents. Set automatic email alerts via your school ERP

  • Fee Import

    Assign and manage student fee collections with automated process with just a few clicks.

  • Custom Report

    In addition to generating specific student and employee reports, you can create custom reports using a wide range of filters.

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