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Success Appraisal Formula

Success Appraisal Formula™

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF is a formal management system that provides cabin crew
performance evaluation that is based on quantity evaluation that leads to a quality of information
of an individual's performance in an organization.

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Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS

Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS has an In-flight Catering Management Solution that automates the end-to-end operations of the airline’s in-flight services while connecting all partners involved. It supports day to day operations of in-flight catering as per the customer profile.

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Smart Training ERP™

 Impressive Training ERP

Complete College, School and Institute Management Software which includes everything your institution will ever need.

  • Automate everything
  • Generate insightful reports
  • Make better & faster decisions
  • Simple, Powerful & Affordable
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Impressive Account Management

Account Management system is developed to manage government entities' annual general budget. It manages budget chapters, staff entitlements, contracts, and suppliers.

By this system, you can generate informative and statistical reports as much as required by one click. It also has a set of features that you cannot imagine.

Account Management System
  • Push Notifications
  • Direct Scanning
  • Advanced Search
  • Reporting Tool
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Approval WorkFlow
  • Advanced Privileges System
Account Management System
Salon Management System

Smart Salon ERP

Best online booking system for Salons, with many features include appointment scheduling, online booking app, POS system and More! Impress Salon Management is more than Salon software, its a complete solution for your business.

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Smart Email Campaign

Self-hosted, full featured, easy to use marketing automation. It lets you send high volume marketing mails via your own server.

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Electronic Archiving System

Smart Event Management

Smart and simple system to manage onsite event's visitors registration and tags printing process

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Inventory Management System

Smart Auto Management

Self-hosted, full featured, easy to use auto wash management. Allow you to save your time, effort and money.

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